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  • Is Wine Gluten-Free? (Wine Spectator)
    As its name suggests, a gluten-free diet is all about avoiding gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and a handful of other grains. This means traditionally prepared breads, pastas, cereals and beers are automatically off the table.Many have adopted the diet over the past decade as a means of losing weight and boosting […]
  • California Wildfires Devastate Malibu Wine Region (Wine Spectator)
    One of the wildfires burning across California has chased vintners from their wineries and homes in the Malibu Coast appellation. The Woolsey fire has traveled from Highway 101 in Thousand Oaks down to the Pacific Coast, scorching acres of vineyards and damaging or destroying wineries and other structures."It'll likely be a good six months to […]
  • 2018 Wine Harvest Report: Napa Valley Wins with a Slow and Steady Year (Wine Spectator)
    After the turbulent 2017 harvest, Napa vintners would have been happy with a simply quieter 2018. Instead, this year delivered an ideal growing season, followed by a long, slow-paced harvest. Winemakers are excited by the potential quality of the young wines.Welcome to Wine Spectator's 2018 Wine Harvest Report, our coverage of Northern Hemisphere wine regions. […]
  • Tweaking Tradition: Carla Hall's Thanksgiving Menu (Wine Spectator)
    At one point in Carla Hall's life, she was afraid to be labeled as a certain type of chef. Growing up in Tennessee, the Emmy-winning TV co-host, two-time Top Chef competitor and former model developed a love of soul food, which embodies "the stories of her heritage." But Hall strayed from being associated with the […]
  • Unfiltered: Mouse Wine? Frog Juice? New 'Disgusting Food Museum' Delights, Disgusts (Wine Spectator)
    In Malmö, Sweden, people are lining up to peep at bull testicles, get a whiff of Thailand's notoriously stinky durian fruit and even try a bite of surströmming, the local fermented herring. No, it's not an audition for Fear Factor: Chef's Table; it's part of a new (and straightforwardly named) pop-up exhibition, the Disgusting Food […]
  • Napa Valley Vineyard Owner Al Frediani Dies at 96 (Wine Spectator)
    Al Frediani was known for his love for his old vines, his meticulous farming and his sharp sense of humor. Born on his family's Napa Valley farm, he spent his life working on the property. Frediani died Oct. 18, 2018, a month shy of his 97th birthday. The 20-acre Frediani vineyard, tucked away in the […]
  • Contemporary dining on an Australian vineyard (Wine Spectator)
    Overlooking Australia's Willow Creek Vineyard in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula wine region, Doot Doot Doot celebrates terroir through seasonal cuisine and a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence–winning wine program. The restaurant is housed in the Jackalope Hotel, a sleek, contemporary destination with dramatic art pieces including a glass-enclosed working cellar at the center of the lobby. […]
  • Turning Tables: The Upcoming NoMad Las Vegas Restaurant Is the Final Piece of the Destination's Puzzle (Wine Spectator)
    The Restaurant at NoMad Las Vegas Opens Next WeekAfter its hotel and bar opened last month, NoMad Las Vegas will debut its restaurant Nov. 14. The NoMad Hotel, a collaboration between restaurateur Will Guidara, chef Daniel Humm's Make It Nice Hospitality Group and the Sydell Group, has two other locations with Wine Spectator Best of […]
  • John Fetzer Sells Mendocino’s Saracina Vineyards to the Taub Family’s Heritance Vintners (Wine Spectator)
    The Taub family, owners of Palm Bay International, one of the nation’s leading wine importers, is expanding its presence in California. The family’s Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon brand Heritance has purchased Saracina Vineyards in Mendocino from John Fetzer and his wife, Patty Rock. The deal, which closed in early October, includes a winery, 250 acres […]
  • 2018 Wine Harvest Report: Bordeaux Breathes a Sigh of Relief (Wine Spectator)
    Bordeaux winemakers hoping for a big harvest in 2018, after France's cataclysmic frosts of 2017, were disappointed. Heavy rains early in the season led to mildew, while hail in some areas also thinned the crop. Then, the weather dramatically changed course. "Sun, sun, sun," is how Christian Moueix, who oversees several estates on the Right […]